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Contemporary design meets functionality with focus on health: with big, clear numbers and an unmistakable masculine look, Big Time is a great pick for your Gear device!


As the name suggests, big main clock numbers offer excellent readability in any conditions, while numerical complications provide all the important info at a glance. All complications can be tapped to open their respective apps.

Clock with separate seconds counter

Rotating seconds indicator

BPM counter

Steps counter


Calorie counter

Distance in Kilometeres


This watchface is available only in 24HR version! Depending on interest, a 12HR/Miles version may be available in the future.


Copyright notice

All watchface designs copyrights are owned by URARITY™. Copyrights on Samsung brand name and Samsung devices displayed on our illustrations are owned by Samsung and used with permission. Elements used in illustrations are obtained through legal stock graphics providers. All videos are property of URARITY™.

About us

URARITY is a Samsung certified commercial distribution seller. We design and develop original watchfaces for Samsung Gear devices.

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We do not collect any personal information about our customers or visitors. Your personal data provided through e-mail contact with Urarity will be handled with special care and will never be shared with third parties. We will never e-mail you with any unwanted advertising material of any kind.

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